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About Us

TLM is a world-class digital entertainment company dedicated to breaking down barriers in the video game industry. TLM Partners is our professional services team of developers that boasts ‘follow the sun’ development work that includes best-in-class crossplay technology, middleware, physics, engine-level tools, and more! Further…TLM Labs is the center of our company where new game technologies are being developed and documented daily specifically created for our AAA partners.

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Our Business Partners

We provide world-class, custom solutions through each of our divisions and relentlessly pursue innovation to develop technologies that solve the needs of our partners.

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Our Leadership

Headshot Jake Hawley CEO
Jake Hawley

Chief Executive Officer

  • 20+ years of technology and IP experience
  • 30+ AAA games grossing over $5B in revenue
  • Past: CTO at 2K, Microsoft, Nomadic
Anthony Jacobson headshot
Anthony Jacobson

Chief Revenue Officer

  • 20+ years experience in interactive entertainment and mobile monetization
  • Started career as founder of a studio in China
Headshot of Evelyn Rivera
Evelyn Rivera

Chief of Staff

  • 10+ years experience in SG&A
  • Coordinates and oversees key operations of the Human Resource function.
John Hinkle

Chief Operating Officer

  • 20+ years experience in IT and business operations
  • Cloud strategies, organization transformations, global acquisitions, and integrations
  • Past: CIO at T2
Dan Sud

VP Head of PMO

  • 15+ years experience in game production
  • Past: Production director at RedPill Canada
Headshot of Nikki Rohm Vice President of Product Development
Nikki Rohm

VP of Product Development

  • 25+ years of product development, operations, and executive leadership experience.
  • Past: Senior Director Product Development at Zynga and EA.
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Mark Hu

Head of Core Technology

  • 15+ years working on some of the top-selling console, mobile, and PC games in the industry
Alex Reed sepia headshot
Alex Reed

Head of Production

  • 30+ years experience in television/film and video game production and writing
  • Worked on some of the most popular franchises in television/film and video game history


Barrett Willich

Fractional CFO

Headshot of Bill Gross
Bill Gross

Data & Science Analytics

Headshot of Chris Cross
Chris Cross

Creative Consultant

Headshot of Sinjin Bain
Sinjin Bain

Strategic & Tactical Advisor

Headshot of Greg Boyd
Greg Boyd


John Szeder advisor
John Szeder


Junaili Lie headshot
Junaili Lie


Gui Karyo


Our Principles


Be the borderless gaming company that leads game innovation, development, and technology created by dedicated monsters (TLM) who love games, constantly experiment, and are dedicated to changing the games industry for the better.


Break down barriers and reimagine the gaming industry through new technologies, partnerships and gaming initiatives within a limitless studio that has no borders.


Lead the charge into new segments, business models, technologies, workflows, creativity, and support the next generation of game development while delivering stellar products.


Seek out, foster, and encourage the creative spark of team members at every level. Leverage expertise to teach and mentor to the greatest potential.


Create an environment and culture that breeds excellence, inclusive team bonds, and products that surpass all expectations.


Relentlessly pursue solutions in the video game and adjacent industries, both in technology and in the market that are truly ground-breaking.


Listen to the gaming community, understand what our specific industry needs are, address the challenges that present themselves, and be an agent of change focused on improving the games industry


Take time to appreciate our fellow monsters, our gaming community, and the industry we love


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