TLM (Three Little Monsters) Partners, Inc. is a unique “Cloud Studio” bringing “Cross-Play” games to the market by building new technologies, publishing original indie games, and partnering with AAA publishers. In our relentless pursuit of innovation we seek out, foster, and encourage the creative spark of future developers, leveraging our expertise to teach and mentor them to their greatest potential. Our embrace of technologies in the cloud enables our team members to work from anywhere in the world, while feeling right at home. Our foundation is a galaxy of developers living creatively around the planet, all within the reach of our Virtual Private Cloud ‘VPC’ infrastructure. Allowing all of us to collaborate in ever-expanding creativity.

TLM Partners, Inc. is, at its core, a team of veteran video game developers who have come together to solve tomorrow’s problems in the video game industry. We pride ourselves on the ability to see around certain corners, both in the technology and the market, and move more quickly than the major players. Our technologists, creative thinkers, and dreamers survey the landscape in both traditional games and adjacent industries to license, develop, and monetize software and technologies for markets coming to maturity in the next 24-48 month window. We identify and solve the needs of AAA game development as well as rapidly maturing tools and middleware for VR, AR and the next generation of human-computer interface.

TLM Partners, Inc. grew out of a hardcore engineering effort to build a competitor to Havok physics for a major console platform company utilizing shared office space and work from home flexibility. Quickly, there was a realization that, with efficiency and innovation, a studio could be built without borders or boundaries. Now our team is distributed across 17 different countries and instead of paying for office space and physical infrastructure, the focus is on the team and developing tools at a more personal level (internet stipends and more powerful hardware). This focus helps successfully build a robust culture and a sense of community that leads to virtual watercooler moments and team building activities – like having a professional chef lead a class for employees that are passionate about cooking and encouraging group discussions and clubs around shared passions, such as, motorcycles, sports, movies, games, tech, fitness, etc.

2020 was a year of tremendous growth for TLM Partners, Inc. and the plan is to only get bigger from here. 2021 will bring a focus to “Cross-Play” games publishing and opportunities to work with Universities to support their Centers of Excellence in game development programs and create events that teach real-world skills to help the next generation of developers.