…The new, post-pandemic normal will see more firms embrace the idea of remote working. To do so involves a fundamental mindset shift towards believing that creativity and growth can flourish when people aren’t physically located in the same room. It also requires that leaders and employees accept and adopt remote working tools and creatively develop new ways of forming meaningful interpersonal relationships with their colleagues, customers, and industry partners. Tools such as Zoom, Slack, shared creativity suites, and employee reward and recognition platforms all help boost collaboration, productivity, communication, and employee well-being.

A successful shift to managing remote work will require patience, flexibility, and a healthy dose of optimism. The focus should be on the benefits that remote work brings, not what was lost by a shift away from an office. Reduced commutes, more time with families, fewer distractions resulting in more focus and higher quality work, more time to exercise, and lead healthy lifestyles are just a few of the remote workforce benefits.

On a macro level, there are other benefits to be reaped if the shift to remote working becomes a more permanent fixture in business culture…

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