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Monsters are changing the Game!

We are collective gaming veterans that come from all different walks of life with one major goal in common - creating a healthier work environment within the gaming industry. Our monsters are the best at developing new gaming technologies and trusted partners to top AAA publishers/developers. We are evolving from the traditional approach to game development and are bringing new games to life that include building single player campaigns, improving crossplay technology and enhancing multiplayer experiences.

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Monster Life

Our commitment to technology and being fully remote enables our team members to work from anywhere in the world and allows for flexibility and true work life balance. We offer benefits and perks that include flexible PTO, an annual shutdown, monthly work stipends, corporate swag, virtual hangouts, 401K programs, and incredible healthcare insurance.

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Monster Careers

Our team of monsters adheres to the philosophy of servant leadership. We strive for our fellow monsters to have an unselfish mindset, create a culture of trust, encourage diversity of thought, foster leadership in others, and provide the tools necessary for each of our monsters to succeed professionally.

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