TLM Partners, Inc. grew out of a hard core engineering effort to build a competitor to Havok physics for a major console platform company utilizing shared office space and work from home flexibility. Quickly, there was a realization that, with efficiency and innovation, a studio could be built without borders or boundaries. To date, the team has partnered with top tier publishers, film studios, and industrial design companies for revenue producing video games, feature visual effects and digital production, and design visualization. Our team is composed of industry veterans that want to share their knowledge with the next generation of game developers and we have team members distributed across 17 different countries.

We recently announced the arrival of Alexis Jolis Desautels, and now we want to dive into why we are so excited to have him as our Vice President of Creative Direction. He joins our leadership and veteran team of developers with sights set on building a publishing organization that focuses on creating exceptional new games and entertainment experiences.

Alexis possesses an extensive background in creative direction, game design, studio management and live game operations that we plan to take full advantage of in our pursuit to deliver groundbreaking products.

Launching Exceptional Products

“I am incredibly pleased to welcome Alexis as Head of Creative for our collection of studios where he’ll build a talented team of developers to create innovative original new products,” said CEO Jake Hawley in an Oct. 2020 press announcement. “I plan to invest in our own original IP and empower leaders with the same industry prowess as Alexis.”

Our ambitions are to seek and hire a new generation of world-class developers and tools to develop and deliver phenomenal products. “Our focus is on bringing gamers together through innovative Cross-Play experiences and to deliver innovative content as an independent publisher of games in the middle market [primarily PC and console].”

Assembling a Team of Game Developers

Alexis was previously a lead Game Designer and Game Director at Ubisoft and is passionate about new applications in the field of interactive experiences, creativity, and the design process.

Here, Alexis will assemble a team of talented developers to build innovative new games. “I am tremendously excited to apply my years of game development experience and views on creativity and design to drive the company’s product innovation into high-gear.”

Alexis’ 20 years of experience in the industry spans mobile, console, online and PC gaming. During his tenure at Ubisoft, Alexis Jolis-Desautels served in various roles where he led the design and creative direction for award-winning titles in brands like “Far Cry,” “Assassin’s Creed,” and more.

Seizing Opportunities in Indie Games

TLM’s expert developers solve tomorrow’s problems in the video game industry. The team prides itself in ability to see around corners, and ability to move faster than major players. The firm’s technologists, creative thinkers and dreamers survey the landscape to license, develop and monetize software and technologies for markets coming to maturity in the next 24-48 months.

Moreover, TLM identifies and solves the needs of AAA game development, as well as rapidly maturing tools for VR, AR and next-gen interface, and now ventures into the publishing landscape.

“With TLM, we’ll explore and succeed in the growing indie game segment, and there are a few reasons for that,” says Alexis Jolis-Desautels. The indie segment refers to mid-tier games that are developed at smaller scale and lower cost. These games may feature high-quality product values but present lesser financial risk to a publisher.

“AA games are a sweet spot for project size in terms of the amount of risk you can take and the quality of what you can deliver. It’s exciting because we can tackle this by using all the publishing scenarios. From helping a team to grow, to perhaps launch on many platforms, and expand the reach of a developer’s passion project. Moreover, it’s possible to find a partner in order to bolster a title’s offer. We will also develop and publish our own internal IPs.”

Why TLM Can Foster Indie Games

The indie games market makes sense for the company we are, whose 100% virtual, multi-continent workforce consists of industry veterans and all-around inspiring and passionate people that, in turn, focus on growth, of both the business and the people here.

“We want to help people develop what they like to do. And where devs lack experience or guidance, we can allow them to work on many different projects. By being flexible, we keep excitement alive.”

He adds, “When it comes to developing internal IPs, you need three things: to establish a strong vision; access to a solid team that owns its projects; and a strong publishing pipeline to give games all the reach they deserve on all the appropriate markets. Such creations should be pushed on all possible platforms.”

The TLM Partners, Inc. model competes on these three fronts. Jolis-Desautels says “this approach is clever, efficient, and the best possible bedrock for innovation.”

Stay tuned to the TLM Partners, Inc. Blog for the latest news and updates. We plan on announcing exciting initiatives and showcasing highlights as we continue to grow.