“In fact, they’ve taken being purely remote in stride, and focused more on team culture than most in-person companies. ‘In the past, we have held community events where our team members get together to play games and socialize. Sometimes its current games we are working on, and other times, it is games that are currently popular and easy to play. Friday afternoon for example, we had a gaming session where those interested joined and played Among us,’ Evelyn added. We also have future community events in the works, such as: cooking demonstrations, fitness classes, language lessons, and professional development seminars.

Despite best efforts, boosting team culture through non work related get-togethers doesn’t always translate to comradery. In a work setting, this comradery could be defined as a sense of respect and admiration amongst all the individuals involved in a company. To ensure this is always blossoming, Evelyn shared that within TLM, ‘there are various one on one check-ins at every level of our organization. Our leads are there to engage their team members and really take the time to get to know them, understand how they are doing, how this pandemic is impacting them, and offer support.’ ”

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