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TLM has a lab where we create new and innovative technology for the games we help bring to market.

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Monster Multiplayer

Player Connectivity Solutions

  • Platform Agnostic
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Player Account Management
  • Anti-Cheat Technology
Monster Online Game Services

Cross-play In-Game Integration

    • Multi-Lingual Support
    • Social Features including
      • Friends and Invites
      • Parties, Lobbies, and Matchmaking
      • Leaderboards
      • Achievements
      • Presence
    • Marketplace
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Monster Online Game Services

Telemetry & Analytics

    • Reporting & Analytics for Data-driven Decision-Making
      • Player Activity
      • Preferences
      • Engagement & Retention
    • Event Collection
    • Lifetime Value (LTV) Modeling
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Monster Online Game Services

Turnkey Support

  • Dedicated Fleet Management Automation
  • Scalable Server Configuration and Management
  • Platform Backend Configurable as a Service if required

*Licensing is included as part of the commercial terms of TLM’s development and games services.