Oculus Quest (ADB) Android Debug Bridge

ADB Shortcuts

If you have installed the android drivers and have the developer mode enabled on oculus quest (USB Debugging enabled), then you can use ADB to do many different things:


adb devices

The above command shows you the list of devices connected to the system (via USB or wirelessly).

Note: This will only show the devices which have USB Debugging enabled.


adb logcat -s UE4 -s debug -s DEBUG

The above command lets you see the log for android game packages with UE4 running on the quest.

Note: The game running should be a development or debug build (not a shipping build).

Connect to ADB Wirelessly

1. Connect to PC via USB cable.

2. Make sure your device is visible using ADB devices command

3. Run the following command

adb shell ip addr show wlan0

4. Note the IP address next to inet

5. Make sure your device is still connected via USB. Now run the following command

adb tcpip 5555

6. Now run the following command

adb connect <ip address>

7. In place of <ip address> enter the one you saved before. It should show that you are connected.

8. Now when you run adb commands, it will execute it wirelessly. This includes installing builds and viewing the build log.

9. You can remove the USB now