We at TLM Partners, Inc. believe that remote work is the future of game and software development and are pioneering the tools and technology to facilitate creative and collaborative expression. Migrating Data Center and NOC into the cloud develops the infrastructure needed to break free of the confines of a brick and mortar space. No longer needing a physical structure, employees are free to do their jobs from anywhere in the world, allowing us to seek out and invest in the next generation of developers on a global scale and enhance local economies through talented people who are doing what they love, where they love to live.

Through the guidance of our veteran leadership, who have worked on some of the highest rated game franchises in history, we are focusing on bringing gamers together through Cross-Play experiences and delivering innovative content as an independent publisher, primarily focusing on the PC and console market.

We don’t just focus on the work and being a fully distributed company does come with challenges, but we are up for the challenges. Through embracing and encouraging team members to bond over shared interests and team building activities, we begin to build camaraderie and opportunities to develop culture. Beyond work-related tools, we have dedicated channels and groups for sharing fun photos, articles, and discussions around non-work related topics. We encourage events where our team members get together to play games and socialize, and have events like cooking demonstrations, fitness classes, language lessons, and professional development seminars planned. There are various one-on-one check-ins at every level of our organization and our leads are there to engage team members and take the time to get to know each other. This is a part of our culture from the top-down as our CEO has an open-door policy and will regularly check in on everyone.

We are unlocking the secrets of successful 100% remote game development.

Come and Level Up with us!

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Current Openings

Use the links below to apply for our current open positions.

Recruitment Process

# 1 


We are a rapidly growing organization with a wide variety of needs. Once you find the right fit for you, let us know by sending in your resume, CV, and all necessary portfolio materials. Our team will review and select the most promising candidates for phone screening.

# 2


Once selected you will have a series of interviews with those relevant to the project or position. As you progress, we will discuss the position needs, your background. As the conversation continues, there will be discussions around salary expectations, availability, references and agree on a start date.

# 3


This process takes the top 2 or 3 candidates into consideration for the position or project need.

# 4 


Well done we are excited that you chose to join us!

# 5 


You will work with our team members to receive all needed hardware, access to software and licenses, and begin the process of becoming a fully integrated part of the team!