TLM is the new publisher for Coreupt

TLM Partners, a global publisher of cross-play games, has acquired the upcoming next-gen fighting game Coreupt, as well as the development team behind the project, Team Coreupt. The purchase of this futuristic fighter adds another heavy hitter to TLM’s publishing roster, which continues to see growth in 2022. TLM’s support will help Coreupt’s creator Jesse Wright bring his vision to PC and consoles with the added benefit of TLM’s best-in-class cross-play technology.

Game Highlights

About Coreupt

Game Overview

An updated take on the classic 1v1 fighting game model, Coreupt enhances fighting mechanics by adding over-the-top special attacks, creating a visually appealing and satisfying experience. Take combat mastery to the next level by chaining normal, special, and cinematic attacks together with each character’s COREUPTED mode to pull off a heavy-hitting combo. Follow the story of an unlikely party in their mission to stop an insatiable warlord in his pursuit of tyranny over the galaxies.

Game Features

Combat that is a true hybrid of the fighting and hack n slash genres, bringing easy-to-learn inputs with large, flashy combos.

Mixes together mechanics and features fighting game fans are familiar with while “Coreupting” the formula to create its own unique twist. Players will be given movement options and freedom to build combos unlike any fighter before.

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