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Enterprise, Mid-tier, and Indie game developers come to TLM Partners for our dedicated staff of development talent we endearingly call MONSTERS. Whether you are looking to hire 1 dev or a team of 100, TLM Partners has the skills, technical expertise, and ‘monster’ power to execute your vision…on time AND on budget.

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Welcome to TLM Labs. Our dedicated monsters are busy concocting the latest and greatest game tech. Come browse our library of licensable technology and learn more about how TLM is helping game developers strengthen their overall user experience. Everything from building AI tools, incredible cloth simulation tech, and the best of crossplay…TLM Labs has you covered

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Zorya: The Celestial Sisters

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Delivering developer skills, technical expertise, and 'monster' power to our partners' games

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TLM Partners to Expand Into Indie Game Development and Publishing

TLM Partners, Inc. grew out of a hard core engineering effort to build a competitor to Havok physics for a major console platform company utilizing shared office space and work from home flexibility.

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Encouraging Creativity and Camaraderie in a Remote Work Setting with VP of People, Evelyn Rivera.

In the past, we have held community events where our team members get together to play games and socialize. Sometimes its current games we are working on, and other times, it is games that are currently popular and easy to play.

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Jake Hawley Interview with VGR on the Future of Game Development

The gaming industry is about to enter a major new era; one where many of the established norms could shift dramatically, particularly in areas like remote work, spurred on by the 2020 lockdowns.

Jake Hawley and AYO.news on TLM Partners and Company Mission

Simona talks cloud-based video game development with Jacob Hawley, Founder & CEO of TLM Partners, Inc., a world-class digital entertainment company on a mission to find and encourage the best future developers.

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The Future Of Game Development with Jake Hawley

Hawley has helped deliver 21 AAA titles throughout his career, and even brought 6 of the top 10 Steam games to market in 2016 as COO of Blind Squirrel Entertainment.